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Teacher Trainings at your place

Would you like to book a teacher training at your place ? Organize the certification at your location ?
If you are professional – studio, gym, fitness club, or wellness place and you want to offer to your instructors, your employees or clients the training.
If you are a private person who would like become instructor or obtain a certification without leaving your city.
I will be happy to come to teach you or your students in person at your location.
Mail me to discuss the details


Teacher Training Programs

It's 25h certification programs validated by a final exam proposed to practitioners who aspire to become an instructor or instructors who want to expand their knowledge. The trainings are designed to give you the tools to safely teach a mat or an Aerial class with a hammock. You will gain knowledge on anatomy of the postures, how to guide your clients in and out of poses, provide effortless decompression and alignment of the spine, design your own class for clients with different fitness levels, and assist clients of all body types and abilities. Once you are certified in MindBodyAgnieszka method you will be ready to successfully teach your own class with confidence.




Created by Joseph Pilates system of controlled exercises engaging body and mind to build strength, improve balance, coordination and flexibility. A unique and challenging way to give a calorie burning workout, sculpted all muscles, even their deepest layers, toning the abs, arms, firm and lifting the booty. Guarantee quickly amazing results, strength, endurance and flexibility improve after couple sessions. Designed for all fitness levels and all ages.




Aerial Pilates is an extraordinary new extension of the Pilates technique which allows you to practice Classical and Contemporary Pilates in the hammock. This suspension training program uses the hammock as a single apparatus to replace all the other conventional devices (Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel,…). In addition, you will find traditional Pilates mat exercises that have been adapted for the hammock. As well as exercises that allow for effortless decompression and alignment of your spine. This class takes core-strengthening and targeted muscle conditioning to new heights. Explore the amazing benefits that can be derived by training with the Pilates Method in the hammock in combination with inversions.




This teacher training will prepare you teach Aerial Yoga class. You will learn: an innovative combination of traditional yoga poses and aerial arts; how to use the hammock to increase muscle tone and flexibility; mobility through reverse traction; suspended asanas; flying vinyasas; and levitating meditations. You will be able to provides an experience of sublime relaxation to your clients as they float wrapped in the cocoon of your silk. You will acquire the knowledge of how to design the class to develop a unique kind of strength, body awareness and well-being and how to use the support of hammock to make challenging yoga pose accessible for all levels.




Aerial Yin Yoga is a gentle and rehabilitating sequence of passive yoga poses that are held for an extended period.  Designed to open the body, calm the mind, and bring balance to oneself. The series of relaxing motions in the hammock will completely release the tension in the muscles and fascia, increase circulation, and balance the internal organs. The weightless support of the hammock allows your body to glide safely, while extending flexibility, with zero compression on the joints. It is a practice of pursuing an enhanced awareness of the body, mind and spirit.




Aerial Restorative Yoga is a practice create to slow down and open the body, as well as furthering repair and healing. During the class, hammock is used to support your body weight so the poses can be hold without putting any pression on the spine. The session starts with very gentle, slow motion flow, to prepare the muscles for passive and longer stretching. Aerial Restorative Yoga is very mellow class, it’s great complement to more active practices and an excellent antidote to stress. At the end of the session, your body feels open, refreshed, and relaxed.




Aerial Fitness is challenging, but accessible to all fitness levels, fun way of workout designed to increase your overall health and body straight. This technique uses the hammock to add a resistance to the exercises and reverse the effect of gravity to provide reliable and effective training. Complex sets of exercises create to tonified all muscles of the body is geared toward clients who are seeking noticeable, fast results. Discover the most enjoyable way to shape your body.