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About me

Sports became a serious part of my life at the age of 7.  I enrolled in a school of sports within my home town, which included an intensive athletic program. For the next 8 years, I competed in the long jump and running, representing my school and my state.
At age 15, I faced the choice of becoming a professional athlete or continue my academic education. With the amount of training and dedication needed to be successful as an athlete, it was impossible to do both. It was time for me to step back from my demanding schedule and participate in sports on a different level, just for leisure. I joined a volleyball and basketball team, and began to take dance classes.
When I was in college, I had an accident which damaged my lumbar spine and I suffered from degeneration of intervertebral discs. I couldn’t move, any rotation of the spine caused pressure on the nerves, which provoked unbearable pain.  During therapy, one of my doctors suggested Pilates as a form of rehabilitation.  I attended the classes, and I directly experienced the result of healing with exercise; a rebuilding and strengthening of muscle process. Through Pilates, I was able to not only heal my back and avoid surgery, but also rebalance my body after old injuries. I became a big Pilates enthusiast and advocate.
I decided to take my first teacher training, to prepare a fitness program for myself and in turn, have the freedom to exercise at anytime and anywhere. I initially designed a Pilates training program for soccer players and my friends to help them heal after injuries or achieve fitness goals. My client base grown very fast, I opened my first Pilates studio in France.
In 2013, I took my first aerial hammock class and I immediately felt in love with the silk. Since this time, I have taken numerously training courses and certifications of aerial technique, opened a studio in Las Vegas, and continue to teach aerial and mat classes.
I continue to learn every day, taking the privates consultations, workshops, participating in the conference with exceptional teacher from all over the world. I was extremely lucky to meet my Yoga Teacher and I’m honorate to be guided by Her on my yoga journey. I was blessed to become a student of my amazing Reiki Master who leads me in energy and spiritual world.
I created MindBodyAgnieszka method to share my knowledge from hands-on experiences and study throughout my life, to provide instructors and practitioners access to complex information and continuing education.



AntiGravity Aerial Fundamentals 1&2

AntiGravity Aerial Pilates

AntiGravity Aerial Yoga

AntiGravity Aerial AIRbarre

AntiGravity Aerial Restorative Yoga

AntiGravity Aerial Suspension Fitness

Aerial Hammock Intensive


Mat Work I, II and III

Pilates Post Injury

Prenatal Pilates

Post Birth Rehabilitative

PilatesPilates with Equipment

Pilates for Seniors

One-on-One Pilates


Fitness Personal Trainer

Reiki Second Degree

Yin Yoga Instructor

Healthy Spine Intensive Study

Pelvic Health Therapy Level II


Master 2 Marketing and Management (Poland)

Engineer of the Production University of Technology (Poland)

Master 1 of Economics and Management of the Firms and Markets (France)

Master 1 of Economy – Financial Markets (France)