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Welcome !

My name is Agnieszka. I'm a Master instructor and teacher trainer.

I have 20 years of experience in fitness and wellness in Europe, United States and Indian Ocean. I am the founder of MindBodyAgnieszka, my own method based on hands-on experiences and study throughout my life. I will help you achieve your goals in flexibility, strength, realignment and global well-being.


My Method 

I designed MindBodyAgnieszka for all practitioners or instructors who want to enhance their knowledge, expand their current fitness methods, participate in certification at their own pace and have the flexibility to practice at any location.
MindBodyAgnieszka is your tool to prepare, advance, motivate, master and develop your practice. Gives you tips and advice, allows you to complement your workout routine, supports you with continuing education, and keeps you at the peak of your skill. I'm glad to share my knowledge with you!

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